Ducted Air Conditioner in Dubai

Jul 20 , 2021

Ducted Air Conditioner in Dubai

Have you ever wondered why you would buy a ducted air conditioner instead of other alternatives? Many think air conditioners are all as good as each other. Yet, they couldn't be more wrong.

Whether your old system is breaking or you're looking to invest in your first AC unit, don't worry! We've got everything covered right here to help you find the best Ducted Air Conditioner in Dubai!


What Is a Ducted Air Conditioner?

A Ducted Air Conditioner, or ducted Split AC, is a unit installed in a hall, living room, basement, or any other place where it cools or heats the area. The installation generally takes up less space than its traditional counterparts. Also called 'wall split units,' these devices are evaporator and compressor units.


How Do They Work?

They work by circulating air from the vents into the unit to heat it up and then transporting it through vents. The temperature is set by controlling the pressure going back into the compressor. This process is either manual or automatic, depending on the unit.


Ducted Air Conditioner in Dubai

Components of a Ducted Air Conditioner

In the two-stage models, two separate components run in tandem to deliver cool air to your home. There will be an evaporator, which will absorb all the heat energy from the room and then transfer it to a different component called a condenser. This component takes in the warm air and turning it back into heat energy.

So it's useful to understand what each one is and how it affects the system if you need to diagnose a fault. If this happens, it's best to contact professionals who can help with your needs.


You can find the evaporator inside the unit. It is responsible for cooling the air. It can either be a single or divided unit but work using a similar process.

In the single-stage units, there will be one heat exchanger (the evaporator) in the unit, which absorbs all of the sun's heat energy and turns it into mechanical energy to turn a fan wheel inside to cool down the room.


The condenser is the part that is responsible for taking in the warm air from the room and turning it into warm energy (heat). The process used to do this is similar to that used by an evaporator.

There will be two components in a single-stage unit: one for taking in the warmth and one for releasing it. In the case of a two-component system, the condenser will take in all of the warmth and send it back to the fan through the compressor.


The compressor works with evaporators and condensers because these units cannot function without this component. It is responsible for regulating the pressure inside the device by compressing the gas into liquid form.

For this reason, it also takes in energy from the sun to help it do its job. A compressor pump is connected to a fan to spread the heat around.

Vent Hose

These are the hoses that go from the compressor unit to the vents and are often rubber. Additionally, they ensure the air going from the exhaust goes to openings in your home. They do this without getting blocked or falling.

Inlet Hose

These hoses also go from the compressor to your home's ducts. Like vent hoses, make sure that air gets transported at an even flow throughout your home.

Wall Brackets

These are installed on walls to hold the ducted air conditioning unit in place and ensure that it doesn't fall over easily. The brackets also keep the vents and ducts intact, preventing air leakage.


Advantages of Ducted Air Conditioning Units

Modern ducted air conditioning units are very energy-efficient than their older counterparts. They're also much quieter too! They contain a compressor (that only runs when needed) and thus don't produce as much noise.

Ductless split ACs will generally be smaller and lighter than their traditional counterparts, making their installation easier as well. They can also live in places that don't have much space.


How to Choose the Correct Ducted Air Conditioner?

Know which rooms you're going to be using the AC unit. The room sizes will help you decide how big the unit needs to be.

The number of rooms you’re going to be cooling will also let you know the size of the unit. If you have different-sized rooms, getting a bigger unit will be more beneficial, as it will output more cooling than many smaller units.

A ducted air conditioning system needs an electric connection, and in some cases, you may also need a gas connection for your ducted air conditioning system. Check your ducted air conditioning specifications.

See how much air you will be moving into and out of the unit. The standards should give a fairly accurate depiction of how much air you can move.



Buy Your Ducted Air Conditioner in Dubai Today

Buying a ducted AC in the UAE is a must if you want to keep cool. Ducted air conditioners are a great option for those who want a quick fix for their AC problem. 

So the best bet is to research each of the options before you buy. Choose a unit that matches your needs and fits your room. Then, hire a professional to do the hard work for you, keeping you cool all year round.

If you need a Ducted Air Conditioner in Dubai, then contact us today!



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