About Ice Cube

In January 2021, ICE CUBE opened its doors in Dubai to provide a one-stop shop for air conditioning equipment from all major brands. Furthermore, we make it a top priority to provide you with the highest indoor air quality and keep your space cool. ICE CUBE offers a comprehensive range of energyefficient HVAC solutions that won't break the bank. Not to add, when you choose us as your air conditioning provider, you save a ton of cash while escaping the heat.

This summer, ICE CUBE is here to keep you cool and comfortable with new energy-efficient HVAC systems.

An efficient delivery backs up our strong product line-up across significant brands and post support. The company's track record, steady expansion, and significant market share show that it has lifted the bar in the UAE's HVAC business.

Why Ice Cube

Due to consistent weather changes, air conditioners are becoming the utmost priority and maybe the basic need for the UAE residents as a comfort appliance used in domestic, commercial, and industrial levels. 

A perfect HVAC system must provide a well filtered, eco-friendly, disinfected, clean, and safe humidified cool breeze. Air conditioners are essential for every home and office. They are very effective and beneficial for health, protecting you from harsh and hot weather or sweating at the same time. 

As air conditioners are an indispensable part of daily life, we at ICE CUBE strive to build immense customer trust using our worldclass customer service and aftersales care offers. 

We hope to go strength to strength powered by our unbeatable technology to maintain the beautiful balance of nature and technology.

Our Mission

You can count on our large selection of residential and commercial air conditioners to keep you, your family, and friends cool and comfortable. 

ICE CUBE is your safest bet for unbeatable cost efficiency among air conditioning systems in the UAE. We aspire to become a vibrant and worldwide brand in the UAE. 

Across all the HVAC dealers, ICE CUBE stands as most reputable for delivering the broadest range of durable air conditioning units and products Nonetheless, all at an exceptional value. 

We want to be a leading HVAC supplier, with the best deals in all of the major air conditioning product categories. Dedicated to offer our valued customers with trouble-free, long-lasting, and hard-working cooling systems.

Our Services





Public sector

Best Seller


  • Offers a wide range of refrigeration and cooling products. 
  • Includes walk-in freezers, chillers, ice makers, and more. 
  • Specializes in customized cooling solutions for various industries. 
  • Provides installation, maintenance, and repair services.

Last Chance! Extra 15%

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Last Chance! Extra 15%

End of Season Sale: Up to 50% Off

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